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All of a sudden, I feel so sad

All of a sudden, I feel so sad.😔

I need to make an eye drop to K every night before he sleeps. 👀

That helps him with eyes from not being shortsighted.

I wasn’t sad 😔about his eyes.

I wasn’t sad 😔about doing this every night.

I was sad. 😔

At the moment, I feel I did eye drops moments ago.

It was yesterday’s flashback at the moment. One day just passed like a finger snap!!!

I was feeling I can’t hug him and say good night to him any longer soon.

I am getting old, and he’s growing fast. He’s not the baby boy anymore.

Wipe my tears away from my heart. Love you! Good night, K. I stepped out of his room quickly.

The moment passed.Time flys fast.

May be an image of 1 person, child, standing and outdoors

Save the good memories. Make every day a happy day. 😍