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Aurora Home Aug

I went for a house showing appointment with my buyer client in Aurora. 🏠From 10 years old, Semi-detached to detached bungalow built 50 years ago.


8X, Hill Dr. Aurora, (Year Built 1971 detached Backsplit 3 at Aurora Heights)


2x Banff Dr, Aurora (Year Built 1970 detached Bungalow at Aurora Heights)


14X Heathwood Heights Dr ( Year Built 1984, detached two storeys)


7x Millcliff Circ (Year Built 2001, Freehold Townhouse at Aurora Grove)


4x Wallwark St (Year Built 2009, Semi-detached at Bayview Northeast) Click the link to see the details of the homes. Comment “YES” to receive the updated information on these properties. The house asking price is from $779K to $1,299,000. The Semi and townhouse got tons of visitors (agent showing), and the 4X wallwark St semi eventually got 14 offers from the buyers. It was on the market for only 5 days. Its asking price is $989,000. One of the 3 bedrooms semi-detached house on the same street was SOLD $1,025,000 in April. ❓What do you think this four bedroom semi will be sold for?


What I am trying to say is, the buyer’s demand is still strong. Good properties still SOLD fast and the bidding war is still there.

Homebuyers, you are not only competing with home buyers. And first-time home buyers, you are facing the most significant challenge and competitors.

Flippers are looking to buy properties like #1 and #2. After renovating the house, the market value can be $1.15M or more.

Investors are looking to buy rental properties. They buy – rent out, and hold the properties for a good long-term profit.

Condo owners are looking to sell the condo and move to freehold homes.

There are also downsizes sold their large homes and looking to buy smaller-sized homes.

What stage do you belong to?

Are you looking for a realtor to work for you? Could you message me, and let’s chat?

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Don’t give up.

Don’t Give Up. Find Your team

Did you watch the final game of EURO 2021?

Do you play Soccer?

Sports, to me, Soccer, is more than just a hobby.

It brings me a huge sense of happiness and tear.

Soccer, I was introduced to it from watching the game of Juventus; I was a fan of Platini. I was nine years old.

In grade 4, I joined my school’s team.

I tore for the WINs.
I tore for the loss.
I am still playing.

It’s a great way to bring different people with different backgrounds and culture. It brings us together and teaches us how to teamwork, respect each other, and be positive. The friendships formed, the team environments and the many great successes achieved & lost are all great memories I will hold on to for my life.

Soccer isn’t just a sport. It’s an art to me: the tricks and skills, the passes, the shoot, the players and the fans.

Winning is important, but it’s NOT the only purpose.

For many years, we’ve learned about not giving up. Even we were in the worst situation. If you are doing what is right. Don’t give up.

One of the most unforgettable games in my memory is the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United of England and Bayern Munich of Germany.

Don’t give up. Not only in Soccer, in our lives. The miracle will happen to you.

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All of a sudden, I feel so sad

All of a sudden, I feel so sad.😔

I need to make an eye drop to K every night before he sleeps. 👀

That helps him with eyes from not being shortsighted.

I wasn’t sad 😔about his eyes.

I wasn’t sad 😔about doing this every night.

I was sad. 😔

At the moment, I feel I did eye drops moments ago.

It was yesterday’s flashback at the moment. One day just passed like a finger snap!!!

I was feeling I can’t hug him and say good night to him any longer soon.

I am getting old, and he’s growing fast. He’s not the baby boy anymore.

Wipe my tears away from my heart. Love you! Good night, K. I stepped out of his room quickly.

The moment passed.Time flys fast.

May be an image of 1 person, child, standing and outdoors

Save the good memories. Make every day a happy day. 😍

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wú dì zì róng(Nowhere to hide from my shame )- A rock MV

wú dì zì róng(Nowhere to hide from my shame )- A rock MV


I went downtown Toronto for a buyer revisit this afternoon.


I had a long time didn’t see people line up like today’s. The music was published by a famous China rock band Black Panther’s song is singing in my head. (published in 1992).This song and this band were, and still, one of my best favourites. Music has no national board. I have the youtube link at the bottom. Hope you like it. In the MV, that’s my hometown Beijing. LOVE it.