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On August 8th, 2004, a young man steps out of the airplane, his first step on the land of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From that day on, he started changing – the good way. I was that young man.

At 7 AM, I took a bus to the subway station that morning. After 30 minutes and 19 stops, the train took me to the…

Posted by Richard Wang on Monday, April 12, 2021

I realized my dream and moved to Toronto as a Federal Skilled Worker. I landed together with my two suitcases and CAD 10K. I have no idea what real estate is at all. I have never thought about buying a house. All my thought was to find a professional job and live. After settling down in a rental apartment room, I started my journey to find a job. I moved 3 times during the first year. I will never forget I lived in the basement. It was the single bed frame laid in the room connecting the dining room and basement entrance. The first move, and worst move ever but to reduce the cost of rental payment. After taking 3 months of free COOP program and 3 months of none payment coop work in a downtown company, etc… I was so lucky and hired by HP in the second year.

Until the year of 1997, I didn’t have a clear goal of what to do as my career. I completed the mechanical technology program and started my first job in a top builder in my city of Beijing. I didn’t like it and I was looking for a change. 1997 was a big year for me. My goal was clear and used whatever time I had to study the new tech of network & the Internet. That changed my life and I joined Benz & Marsh afterward. All those changes built up my service-oriented background. It did impact my life after moving to Canada.

I met my wife in 2005 and in 2007 we bought our first home – a two-bedroom condo at 88 corporate dr, Toronto. We moved to Mississauga in 2008, rented out our unit and rented a small unit in the new city. We had no knowledge and didn’t know anything about the new city. We moved there because my wife found her job there. The second-year we sold our condo and bought a house.


We went to many open houses and we talked to the different agents before we hired ours. Since then, I started showing a strong interest in real estate. I’d love to see different houses. I’d love to explore different communities and keep going to open houses. My wife and I often drove through those beautiful roads. We like to stroll on the streets, enjoy to see, to feel the beauties in different seasons.


Why not get a real estate license? After this crazy idea jumped out of my brain, I had my license no matter what. The lucky charm showed her importance to us. I quit the full-time IT job in 2013 right after I got my real estate license. But I wasn’t ready to do anything in real estate. I didn’t know anything about preparing the agreement. I didn’t even know how to book a showing. I spent two years as a part-time real estate agent, I also worked as an IT consultant. After an 18-month unforgettable unhappy work as the consultant, I decided to quit, totally from the 9-5 office job. 


I turned myself into a FULL-TIME Real Estate Agent. I started from zero again. I had significant pressure to support my family to pay for all the bills. I joined a great team in the second year for four years. I learn a lot from the team and the clients. 


I’m loyal and honest with my clients. I’m a  service-oriented professional real estate agent.  I commit, and I make them happen to my clients. 

Thanks to my happy client

Just bought the beautiful #detached House in #Markham #markville for my client. We would like to share the happiness with all of you and if you have any Buy or Sell #Real Estate need. Richard is here.

Ready! Set! Go!

Posted by Richard Wang on Saturday, October 10, 2020


I have helped more than 50 first-time home buyers. I helped them buy their first home. Some of them started buying their investment properties. I love to share my knowledge and skills with the families who work with me. I love to share their happiness and stay connected as friends. I love to be the ONE who helps them make their home dream come true.




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